mercredi 1 août 2007

I was looking looking up the net in search of one of the last Marc Jacobs campaigns.It' s some girl in front of a bench or something similar and i guess it's for me the best campaign shooted by Teller. Off course together with the pics of Eggleston+Rampling. Instead i found this one wich reminds me of a pic he took of Hans Ulrich Obrist. Off course i cant find it either.
Teller+Jacobs,one of the best things happened to the fashion world.
I personally think they aim to redefine the position of the star in the viewer eyes. They don't need to change the way we look at them in the big screen. Cinema and reality.
They need to turn upside down some other "reality",the one offered by tv. Nobody says that we need to spend hours in front of it to be,to say the least,influenced. For instance, it s enough to see the news and to react to the editing of the images of a concert,.Teller,following the canons of certain photography(and here i have to ask God to please bless america),thus a certain vision of the world,produces analogies.index and not icon.

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