mardi 31 juillet 2007

papa's got a brand new bag

I'd like to clarify certain aspects of my short posts on jazz.
First of all I'm discovering new things everyday,i'm reading about different opinions and approaches to the issue.I'm still "shaping"(can i say that?) my idea
Second,what I'm trying to do is to find out whether or not jazz is a black experience(sure it is),how it develops and what kind of relation the protagonists of the "new thing" era established with their roots back to africa and with their current situation in the Usa back to the '60s. I'm trying to find out whether and how we shouldnt reduce the topic to an europocentric approach as many critics seem to have done in the past. It s not a matter of "purity" of a culture,a concept wich seems to me pretty dated. The few books i read on the subject convinced me to see a culture "as a process more than a result". Cultures tath don't change die. experiences that don't cross other experiences are up to be forgotten. It's just a way to position different experiences and to give them the real importance.

In 1960 and '61...when I first started playing,I had a thing that was free,you know? But when he started playing,I had to listen just to his tone,you undersatnd? to listen to him play was just like he was talking to me,saying,'Brother,get yourself together spiritually". Just one sound-that's how profound this man was.


"L'avventura"is my favourite movie by Antonioni,the search for Anna stands for the crysis of the centrality of western man(and woman),thus of western society. Outside the city the man is inoffensive.
The camera denies the role of the man as the subject. "The hills have eyes" and the multiple visions stand for the loss of a clear one. Sandro Bernardi,describing the camera motion,talked about of "subjective with no subject".
I watched it many times and every time i liked it more

math sucks
ho finito un liceo scientifico senza aver mai studiato matematica.Grazie al sistema di crediti e debiti mi rifiutavo di copiare,chi mi avrebbe mai convinto a passare due ore di stress con la paura di tirare fuori bigliettini,chiedere suggerimenti?Tanto sarei stato promosso in ogni caso.Consegnavo il foglio bianco e leggevo la gazza rosea.
Trovo tutto questo indegno e sono quindi d'accordo con la reintroduzione degli esami di reparazione o comunque una riflessione sull'argomento.

lundi 30 juillet 2007

l image et l impur
« Dieu, à en reprendre de la force, finirait-il par ex-sister,
ça ne présage rien de meilleur
qu’un retour de son passé funeste. »
Jacques Lacan, Télévision

« Nous aimons la mort davantage que les Occidentaux aiment la vie. »
Oussama Ben Laden

j ai ne pas encore lu,mais je pense ça pourrait etre interessant

Il mio film preferito è "Persona",in cui a mio parere il dramma della protagonista ricorda il dramma di un personaggio della letteratura italiana,Marta,"l'esclusa" del romanzo pirandelliano.
Spero che la memoria non mi tradisca,guardai il film parecchi anni fa,ma ricordo mi colpi' che lei non voleva,non amava suo figlio e questo non poteva essere.

dimanche 29 juillet 2007

Yo y la daisy

mi amiga mexicana decidio de volver a su casa en los angeles y de deharme como un perrito abandonado por una calle de guadalajara. porque daisy,porque lo hiciste?si un dias en mi vida voy a tener bastante plata,prometro en el nombre de toda mi familia unida,de se donde,no se cuando

The beach itself became a refuge for the hopeless victims from the city,people that with the few coins left bought a one-way ticket to Coney,they get together and wait for the end...

jazz is black? i want my baby back vol.1

Bebop made the rhytmic pulse more subtle by doing awy with the steady beat from the bass drum and the pianist's left hand and it widened harmonic horizons through use of upper intervals of a chord.. Both these developments gace the soloist new freedom(that's was the all point,ndr)...during thelate '50's ,the dense("three on one") harmonic matrix he favored and the tremendously rapid speeds of execution needed to refer to all the chords threatened to smoother any ordinary soloist beaneath their combined weight...Coltrane's use of ostinatos and "Giant steps" chords and patterns merely imposed a different,but ultimately no less inhospitable group of restrictions....In that respect bebop was no different from its predecessors:...further artistic progress was possible only by demolishing the dominant paradigm.KOFSKY-JOHN COLTRANE AND THE JAZZ REVOLUTION OF THE '60
As much as Cezanne(my reference to panting means a lot in regard to black culture,white art,black music,white cultureetc etc),arguably one of the most(if not the most)revolutionary painter ever, thought that he needed to find a new way to represent classicism, Coltrane was far too willing to do away with the western tradition. There s a research of something that doesn't belong to us


I was thinkin' of something that happened to me a while ago. I was out with some friends and i bumped into my ex neighbour. I was nice to him, unfortunately I was wearing a hat,kind of Pete Doherty style. He looked at me and told me "Could you imagine if Pasolini had seen you,what would have he told you?"


ah,los gringos un otra vez


Pont Marie(4eme),c'est ici que je joue au ping pong presque tous le jours.contactez moi si vous voudriez faire un match

samedi 28 juillet 2007

cowboys again

I watched "Drugstore cowboy" by Gus Van Sant. I liked it a lot,i definitely consider it to the best movie by him. Amazing photography,very good actors,Borroughs that (almost) plays Borroughs
Still i kind of felt something was missing. i' m never completely satisified by the way he depicts characters,thus the human being and his actions. It's their role in the movie.
Narrative is far too important in a cinema where,as Korinne and Soderbergh,from Mekas to Gallo, pure images,poetry is what really counts. The story is already there

art against the machine

Intorno al 1667 Perrault e colleghi elaborano un progetto per la nuova facciata del Louvre,facciata che verra' terminata sette anni dopo. Lo "stile reale" determino' il superamento del barocco italiano,nonche' l'affermazione del classicismo francese. Questo fu ancheuno degli ultimi lavori di Perrault e il barocco trionfo' di nuovo a Versailles.(Dif)facile capire che Luigi XIV non ne era rimasto soddisfatto.

I guess i love Cassavetes because it's like Bergman that directs "I vitelloni" in Nyc.The pity and the love for our struggles. "....I remember once i read that Leiris described Metraux as one of the only person who was able to have "a violent passion for life together with the uncompassionate awareness of how vain this is".

Polly wants a cracker

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tons of pills

We were at the pharmacy and my mother was looking at the same stuff i was doing and she had blind faith in it. She looked at the same things in a gallery and she didn't

an american dream

I've done a lot of things that were natural size.If i paint a picture of marble,i want it ot be natural size. I've had this faithfulness to the subject. This idea doesn't go through all of my work but there is an underlying direction to my work that is rooted in factual dimensions and statisics. My interest in facts is crucial to my work. Not that you'll find factual information in my work(...)...An artist has to kind of dig and not rely on things he's searching for,but things that are already there.

vendredi 27 juillet 2007


art against the machine

Intorno al 1640 Rembrandt dipinse la celebre "Ronda di notte". Talmente celebre da rappresentare l'inizio dell' in-successo del pittore.
Infatti, in sintonia con le peculiarita' dello stile barocco, Rembrandt si guardo' bene dal rappresentare meccanicamente e in maniera simile ogni personaggio. Forti luci si contappongono a forti ombre. Il barocco,insomma.
Peccato che i committenti dell'opera,nonche' soggetti del dipinto,non rimasero,ed è (dif)facile immaginare il perche',soddisfatti.



I just finished watching "Derrida"-Amy Ziering Kofman et Kirby Dick-,a documentary on an author that,since i dont have the tools to, i ve never approached. I knew few things and the movie didn't add much more. A couple of concepts i think it's important,(for me,thats my blog) to report
1-we both agree that love is narcissistic and it s pretty easy to understand why.
2-derrida,as a jewish child in algeria in the '40s,experienced the isolation from the the world that sorrounded him and at the same time didn't feel at ease inside the jewish community.(...)
3-the determination of himself as one is violence.


je pense que le editions de les presses du réel soient entre les plus vous les conseille

I love Fed Ex

j ai fait un CHRONOPOST il ya deux semaines.mon truc est jamais arrivé a destination parce que ils disent que l adrresse c etait incorrect. Je vous assure que c'etait bien ecrit,surtout parce que je dépensé 37 euro qui sont perdus.
Je vous conseille vivement de utilizer des autres services pour envoyer votre courrier.
je ne suis pas le seul

Cocaine cowboys

Hier he visto una buena pelicula sobre la historia de el trafico de drogas entre estados unidos y sobre todo colombia en los anos 70 y80.No hay muchas palabras a adjutar,salvo que la miami que nosotros conocemos es construida con el dinero de esos traficos.mi consejo es de veerlo.

A ciascuno il suo

jeudi 26 juillet 2007

Ancient to the future

...we have this idea of music as picturial image.ThanKs to PedromendesDjembe

yo y la daisy

esta es mi amiga mexicana daisy.A veces sacamos fotos juntos y si quieren pueden visitar su sito internet at

Jim Crow

Clearly, there are several markets for anti-Black products. Collectors can be divided into four categories. "Nostalgic Collectors" buy anti-Black items because it reminds them of a happier time. The majority of these collectors are White. "Liberator Collectors" purchase racist memorabilia to destroy it. There are Black and White members of this category. "Heritage Collectors" are Blacks who believe that all Black memorabilia, even the derogatory objects should be preserved. "Investor/Speculators" are profit-seeking buyers. Most of these collectors are White, but a growing number of Blacks fit into this category.

L'imperialisme-H. Arendt

...décourager toute entreprise industrielle véritable représentait la garantie la plus solide contre le rique d'assister à un developpement capitaliste normal,donc contre la fin logique d'une société raciale...les raisons du prfit furent sacriées plus d'une fois aux exigences d'une société de race,et bien souvent à un prix exorbitant...les sociétés peuvent fonctionner selon d'autres principes qu economiques...qu'il suffit de la violence pour qu'un groupe défavorisé puisse créer un classe encore plus basse...

reality as memories

Les légendes ont toujours joué un role puissant dans la costruction de l'histoire. L homme,qui n'a pas reçu le don de défaire,qui est toujours,non gré mal gré,l héritier des actes d'autres hommes,et qui porte tojours le fardeu d'une réspponsabilité qui apparâit comme la consequence d'une châine ininterreompue d'événements bien plus que d'actes coscients,cherche une explication et une interpretation à ce passé où semble cachée la mysteriouse clef de son destin futur.(Hannah Arendt)

La dolce vita

P E Barracus

mercredi 25 juillet 2007

Mr. President,1-0@2-3244,36-938969@51-938526,0.html

L'imperialisme-H. Arendt

Cette peur de quelque chose qui vous ressemble et qui devrait pourtant en aucun cas pouvoir vous etre semblable resta liée au principe même de l'esclavage et devint le fondement d'une société de race...
...Les Boers furent le premier groupe européen a se détacher totalment que l'orgueil de l'homme occidental trouvait a vivre dans un monde créé et fabriqué par lui. Ils traitaient les indigenes comme un matière première.Paresseux et improductif,ils se contentaient de végéter,exactement comme les tribus noires végétaient depuis des millenaires

Alan David Passaro (August 23, 1948 – March 29, 1985) was a notorious Hells Angels member infamous for the vicious 1969 stabbing of Meredith Hunter at the Altamont Free Concert during The Rolling Stones' set. Passaro claimed self-defense and was acquitted.
In 1985, Passaro was found dead, floating face down in the Anderson Reservoir with $10,000 in his pocket

mardi 24 juillet 2007

i want my baby back

Je suis en train de commencer une petite thèse. Je l'intention de partir du concept de "negritudine" forgé par Ceasire et après analyzer ceci au contatc avec la réalité,autres definitions et finalment donner,peut-être, une "nouvelle" definition. Si quelqun pense qu il pourrait me donner des conseils a regard es livres a lire,je serai heureux de les accepter.

Ma négritude n’est pas une pierre, sa surdité ruée contre la clameur du jour

ma négritude n’est pas une taie d’eau morte sur l’œil mort de la terre

ma négritude n’est ni une tour ni une cathédrale

elle plonge dans la chair rouge du sol

elle plonge dans la chair ardente du ciel

elle troue l’accablement opaque de sa droite patience

(Césaire, Cahier)

non è bello cio' che ' bello che piace che bello

L'ho recuperato sul blog del mio amico Beniamino che,gentilmente, mi ha reso note queste linee di Baudelaire che non avevo mai letto. Sprazzi di definizione del bello sono ovunque tra le sue pagine,per quanto mi è capitato di leggere,critica a parte. Ma cosi' chiara,delineata e tutta in una volta...
"Ho trovato la definizione del Bello, - del mio Bello. È qualcosa di ardente e triste, qualcosa di un po’ vago, che lascia corso alla congettura. Applicherò, se si vuole, le mie idee a un oggetto sensibile, all’oggetto, per esempio, più interessante in società, a un volto di donna. Una testa seducente e bella, una testa di donna, voglio dire, è una testa che permette di fantasticare, - ma in modo confuso, - a un tempo di voluttà e tristezza; che implica un’idea di malinconia, di spossatezza, persino di sazietà: ma anche un’idea contraria, vale a dire un ardore, una voglia di vivere, associate a un’amarezza rifluente, come provenisse da mancanza o disperazione. Il mistero, il rimpianto sono anch’essi caratteri del Bello.
Una bella testa d’uomo non ha bisogno, eccetto forse agli occhi di una donna, - agli occhi di un uomo si capisce – di implicare in sé questa idea di voluttà che in un volto femminile è una provocazione tanto più attraente quanto in genere il volto è più malinconico. Ma questa testa avrà in sé anche qualcosa di ardente e triste, - bisogni spirituali, ambizioni, tenebrosamente represse, - l’idea di una potenza crucciata e senza impiego, - a volte l’idea di una insensibilità vendicatrice [...], - a volte anche, ed è uno dei caratteri più interessanti della bellezza, il mistero, e infine, [...] l’Infelicità. – Io non pretendo che la Gioia non possa associarsi alla Bellezza, ma dico che la Gioia ne costituisce uno degli ornamenti più volgari: - mentre la malinconia ne è per così dire l’illustre compagna, al punto che io non concepisco per niente (il mio cervello sarebbe uno specchio stregato?) un tipo di Bellezza in cui non ci sia dell’Infelicità. [...]"
Charles Baudelaire, Il mio cuore messo a nudo, X, 16

chez meme

lundi 23 juillet 2007

claude closky

Mia Farrow
Her or Geena Rawlands?