lundi 13 août 2007

Aguirre the zorn gottes
Tonite I watched Aguirre the wrath of god.
Be a man,even if your destiny is tragedy. Be a man.
The best scene: Aguirre is the only one who stands up on the boat,everyone else is starving,weary and having allucinations. He goes toward one one of his man,he grabs him and lift him up and goes back where he was.
Probably the best anti-hero of cinema

3 commentaires:

ArtBenny a dit…

Mi hai intrippato con la descrizione. Io vivo per gli anti-eroi, cioè per gli eroi non decretati tali dalla società - perchè eroi sempre rimangono!
Che film è?
Se ti va metti il link al mio blog sul tuo, io l'ho fatto!!!
Alas, Paris, Paris!

emanuelef a dit…

benny ci ho gia provato parecchie volte,il tuo e altri.non si cvarica la riprovero' ;)

NoirOutsider a dit…

Aguirre... on of the most convincing historical pieces of cinema ever... owing a lot to Kinski's portrayal of a mad genius... which reminds me... have you seen him in Herzog's operatic Fitz Carraldo... both films up there... with Ingmar Bergman's The Seventh Seal... with Von Sydow or Sally Potter's Orlando with Tilda Swinton... you could check out... Ridley Scott's first movie... The Duelists... he is a historical accuracy freak... that's why Blade Runner is so interesting... I think he got the future right...