jeudi 28 août 2008

mardi 4 décembre 2007


check it out,amazing work.

dimanche 11 novembre 2007

the world in a song

When i was a child i had an encyclopedy. I remember it,it goes like....


I had the entire world in it,tonite i realized i still have it

samedi 20 octobre 2007

I asked Godard why should films be free if bread is not free. He answered 'I'm not a baker.' "

jeudi 18 octobre 2007


my friend kindly suggested me this site.must check it out!

dimanche 14 octobre 2007


"Critics are on the search for something a little more like the old,original,passion-laden blues;the trade-name wich has been suggested for it is "funky"(litterally smelly,symbolizingthe return from the upper atmosphere to the physical,down-to-earth reality."
F.Newton(E.Hobsbawm-THE JAZZ SCENE-
Funky comes from the earlier name of funk,wich meant "a strong smell or stink"
"John Coltrane and the Jazz Revolution of the '60s" F.Kofsky

dimanche 23 septembre 2007

mercredi 19 septembre 2007

the other side of the avantgarde

A couple of nights ago i watched some of the movies by brackhage. Amazing,i suggest you all to watch them. There s a criterion collection dvd wich contains lots of them. Watch Dog star man
Now i have a myspace.finally.

dimanche 16 septembre 2007


"His work over the last 30 years has revealed constant manoeuvrability combined with a desire to puncture received ideas about the way in wich we consume images and the way we treat people who claim to be able to transform experiences."
Liam Gillick on John Baldessari

lundi 10 septembre 2007

As everyone knows, Jeff Wall is one of these photographers that mantains a strong relation with painting. We could say that he kind of treats the frame as it were a canvas, though in his interviews he explains how he failed in the purpose of not being a photographer. He is one.
I was thinkin of him as a modern Giorgione. As the venetian artist, Wall seem to produce works that are particulatly difficult to analyze,even though i don't find it strictly necessary, and i could imagine him live in the same era,work exclusively for a private collector that jealaously never quits looking at his "own" photography.
I know his references mostly come from painting of the 19th century but i'd like to know what he thinks about Giorgione and the way he depicts the human being and his relation with nature.

vendredi 24 août 2007

Alphaville n`est pas loin de salvador de bahia


I was in the car going from the airport to my father´s. It was back then that i started to feel unease. The same feeling is still there,even though it course. I couldn´t understand why these people didnt break into big properties and either steal and kill or kill and steal. Next time i listen to some southamerican boy that talks about how dangerous south america is(for him that is so rich)I.
The sun goes down.The fear must go along our days,this is prize we gotta pay for this.