dimanche 12 août 2007

Venetia,other than being my favourite city back in Italy,is my favourite stylist(she's much more than that...)You should read this little article i post on her,one other great thing that happened in fashion businness
this is what she says at the end
"Still, while many in the industry would acknowledge her influence on their work, Scott is preparing to move on. "I think I've hawked the same old look for a long time now," she says, admitting to suffering from both denim and vintage fatigue. "Because of the mainstream, it shifts you out of what you love. Now I think I'm going to become extremely chic."
I don't understand why she can't be extremely chic and still go on with the same old style. Or being one and the other in different situations. It doesn't mean that if some Jack wears a vintage item,I shouldn't use wear it anymore. Off course you are supposed to go on,to evolve,but I don't think you should do that because the mainstream starts appreciating your stuff. off course it influences you. This is the never-ending circle of fashion,as Simmel wrote. Upper class starts moving on when lower classes start to "copy their style".
I think it shouldn't be the case for a "creator".For sure everyone should evolve but not in these terms.
Unless you have a very snobbish way to look at the world and this is more important to you than what you love. Then the work of Scott would loose strenght and wouldn't look the same for me .

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