mardi 31 juillet 2007

papa's got a brand new bag

I'd like to clarify certain aspects of my short posts on jazz.
First of all I'm discovering new things everyday,i'm reading about different opinions and approaches to the issue.I'm still "shaping"(can i say that?) my idea
Second,what I'm trying to do is to find out whether or not jazz is a black experience(sure it is),how it develops and what kind of relation the protagonists of the "new thing" era established with their roots back to africa and with their current situation in the Usa back to the '60s. I'm trying to find out whether and how we shouldnt reduce the topic to an europocentric approach as many critics seem to have done in the past. It s not a matter of "purity" of a culture,a concept wich seems to me pretty dated. The few books i read on the subject convinced me to see a culture "as a process more than a result". Cultures tath don't change die. experiences that don't cross other experiences are up to be forgotten. It's just a way to position different experiences and to give them the real importance.

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