lundi 6 août 2007

Noam Chomsky
Today I found out there are plenty of Chomsky's videos on his site and on google video This is one,enjoy it.
And this is the second one

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laurel a dit…

i just watched the 'distorting morality' chomsky vid and agree with many of his points. however, i disagree with the quote at the opening (not part of his lecture, but by vid producers) about the 'common man' being the solution to the end of state aggression. in fact, as i've learned from the 9-11 reaction in the US, it IS the 'common man' who demands state agression to feed their desire for revenge. i've become very disillusioned about this, especially since the only reason everyone today wants the war to end is because too many americans are dying in the it is with Every nation: Us is more important than Them. that is why i find nationalism as disturbing as religion and the 'common man' tends to be far more nationalistic and religious than the cosmopolitan or highly educated. perhaps the only solution for the end of state aggression is by forcing every individual of the world to live a few years in a completely foreign culture without access to their own culture and only then will people learn empathy...and americans living in europe or europeans living in america wouldn't count since they share too similar cultures.

btw, you need to create links to stuff you post like youtube vids so that lazy people comme moi can just click on it rather than doing the whole copy & past thing :p

emanuelef a dit…

I completely agree with you but... I add the nowadays the situation is even worse beacuse the "common man" doesn't want to fight for tradition,it's not ethically and morally coeherent with himself. He supports a war on terror that will help big companies etc to take possesions of "situations"; Whose fault is this? The ones who own power and commmunication. The "common man" doesn't really count for itself but is a tool.