dimanche 29 juillet 2007

jazz is black? i want my baby back vol.1

Bebop made the rhytmic pulse more subtle by doing awy with the steady beat from the bass drum and the pianist's left hand and it widened harmonic horizons through use of upper intervals of a chord.. Both these developments gace the soloist new freedom(that's was the all point,ndr)...during thelate '50's ,the dense("three on one") harmonic matrix he favored and the tremendously rapid speeds of execution needed to refer to all the chords threatened to smoother any ordinary soloist beaneath their combined weight...Coltrane's use of ostinatos and "Giant steps" chords and patterns merely imposed a different,but ultimately no less inhospitable group of restrictions....In that respect bebop was no different from its predecessors:...further artistic progress was possible only by demolishing the dominant paradigm.KOFSKY-JOHN COLTRANE AND THE JAZZ REVOLUTION OF THE '60
As much as Cezanne(my reference to panting means a lot in regard to black culture,white art,black music,white cultureetc etc),arguably one of the most(if not the most)revolutionary painter ever, thought that he needed to find a new way to represent classicism, Coltrane was far too willing to do away with the western tradition. There s a research of something that doesn't belong to us

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